Similarities Between Human And Monkeys

Similarities between Human and Monkeys
Similarities between Human and Monkeys

The animal kingdom consists of different animals and each goes through a process of evolution. Evolution in the species takes place gradually over time and in this process, the species tend to develop some changes which become prominent as the time passes. It was Charles Darwin who stated this theory of evolution. Species undergo this evolution to best survive themselves in the changing environment. Every animal starting from humans to monkeys, to a spider to a huge animal like Hippopotamus. From small animals like bugs to large animals like rhinos we all animals got evolved according to adapt themselves to the changing environment.

The Evolution Of Humans

Similarities between Human and Monkeys
Similarities between Human and Monkeys

The modern age man that we see today also went through the process of evolution from their extinct primates. All animals and humans have reached this present stage through evolution only. We all are aware of the theory that we shared the same ancestors with the monkeys. Some of them evolved and changed into different breeds of monkeys while the other evolved into humans. This process of evolution is very slow and might have taken millions of years to change a single characteristic.

Humans share a very close relationship with the apes and chimpanzees. The man previously used their four limbs to move around but as time passed, they learned the ability to walk using two legs. Same goes for food and lifestyle.

The Traits That Humans And Monkeys Share:

We don’t just share the same ancestors with the monkeys, we share some common traits with them. Monkeys are considered to be the closest cousins of the man they share similar personality traits like:

Both Have The Ability To Laugh:

One of the most characteristic features of human is that they can smile, laugh or roll down laughing in response to certain situations. It’s not the only man who has the ability to laugh, but even monkeys also laugh when they feel certain emotions.

Both Have The Ability To Form Friendship:

Like humans, monkeys also need friends and relations to survive. Monkeys love to bond with others and love spending time and sharing food with them. They like human comfort each other and form group to relieve themselves.

Both Of Them Love Playing:

Monkeys in their childhood and early adult stage love to play. They are very active and they spend hours playing and moving around. They like human love to socialize over the game. These animals can sometimes also become competitive in a game like we humans.

They Both Are Gourmands:

We humans love the variation in our food. Mixing and experimentation with flavours is something we enjoy a lot. Monkeys like us know their food well, they can really travel to a very long distance in search of their favourite food and ingredients. Unlike other animals they prefer their food cooked and don’t just eat whatever that comes in their way.

They Both Knows About Their Ability To Think:

It’s not only humans who are aware of their intelligence but they are also aware of it. They reflect on their thoughts and learn from their mistakes. They like humans are aware of what they know and what they don’t. This is one of the most special traits they both share.

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