Some Interesting Facts About Koalas


You’ve probably heard of the Koalas from the Disney movie, Finding Nemo. Maybe you’ve heard of it before. It’s a lovable furry marsupial that bears a striking resemblance to a koala. Regardless, there are numerous interesting facts about the Koala and this article will aim to reveal them.

The Koala’s name is derived from the Koala Island of Australia. Koala is native to that island and is found on Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was accidentally brought from England to Australia by Captain Cook.

Koalas: The Facts

Some Interesting Facts About Koalas
Some Interesting Facts About Koalas

A koala weighs between five and twenty pounds. Females tend to be heavier than males, but the differences in weight are not as pronounced as it is with humans. Males and females have a long, slender tail and a round body. Their face is not prominent.

Their paws are webbed and they rely on this for climbing trees. The only known exception to this webbing is their thumbs.

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Their eyes are always open and they are very alert animals. They can detect movement within fifty feet. These animals do not sleep all day, nor do they sleep for long periods of time. When awake, they are constantly moving about searching for food.

Their primary and main organs of excretion are their cheeks. This can be quite a messy business. Their mouths produce secretions that act as lubricants. There are two glands located in the front of their mouths; one on each side.

In order to keep their appearance looking attractive, Koalas have a number of features. They have two tails and this is used to cover the face when they are frightened. The long tail makes their appearance seem larger and the tails are found behind their backs. The longer tail aids in their ability to swim in shallow water.

They have big ears and are smaller than a human’s. Their faces are covered by hair. There are approximately one hundred species of Koala.

Their fur looks like a woolly look when it is young. As it matures and becomes matted, the hair grows continuously. Each hair is naturally in two groups; short and dense.

Bottom Line

Some Interesting Facts About Koalas
Some Interesting Facts About Koalas

Koalas use their ears to keep cool. There are no other ways in which they stay cool. When a Koala is under stress, the hair on its ears swells up. The ears have no sound receptors, so sound waves cannot penetrate them.

Their hind legs are much shorter than their front legs. Their forelimbs are short and broad. However, their claws are also of similar length.

Koalas are marsupials, which means they have the ability to change between both the male and female roles. During mating season, their fur changes color and increases in size. Their fur is very thick and can weigh up to thirty pounds.

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