Spiders And Humans

With over 40000 species of spiders in the world, it is hard for humans to ignore them. We see them every day everywhere.  Spiders permanently reside in most households. Humans can hate them but they can never get rid of them. Spiders and Humans are related in many ways.  There is no dearth of spiders in our popular culture as well. We have used spiders as a central character in many of our songs, books, movies and even cartoons.

Our Nursery Rhymes

The very popular and fun nursery rhyme, The Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of the oldest rhymes we grew up singing.  The lyrics and the tune of the rhyme are very melodious. The rhyme was first written in the 1910s with different lyrics. It is a century old rhyme but children still sing it at various pre-schools today. The rhyme is a story of a little spider. He tries to climb up the drainpipe but heavy rains make it difficult for him. He still tries to climb again. Many believe that the spider represents the lower class struggling its way through the society.

Little Miss Muffet is one of the oldest rhymes. Orginally, it was printed as a poem. and was later developed as a rhyme. It is also introduced in pre-schools. Both the rhymes today have several animated versions. Youtube has various versions of this rhyme.

Our Stories

Charlotte’s Web, is a critically acclaimed story about a spider. It was one of the bestselling books of the 1950s. It is also based on spiders. The book was a huge success and very popular. The story was later adapted as an animated feature film. It also became a huge hit. Charlotte’s Web is a story of a spider named Charlotte trying to save her pig friend Wilbur. It is a book about friendship and innocence.

Our Movies

Arachnophobia was released in 1990s. It is a black comedy horror film and is not for people especially with an irrational fear of spiders. The movie is about a rare spider brought to America and how it multiplies in numbers imposing huge danger on human beings. The movie is scary and has spurts of comedy here and there making it a fun film to watch.

In the modern times, Spiderman is one of the most popular movies revolving around the spiders. It is about the heroic deeds of a human who develops powers from a spider. With many awards and many sequels, Spiderman is  one of the greatest hits of all times.

Spiders And Humans

Black Widow-A stigma

The Black Widow refers to a kind of spider. These spiders produced dangerous venom. They can take somebody’s life. The widows in our society wear black clothes. The spider gets its name after these women


We hate them but we love the. Spiders are creepy. But, our century old history of songs and movies on these living creatures will always keep them in our fond memories.

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