Surprising Facts About Sloth

The “slowest animal” in the world that is what they call to this adorable creation. Sloth is the slow-moving mammals leaving that spend more of their lives hanging in trees. They have long arms, shaggy fur, sad-looking eyes, tiny ears, round heads, and a stubby tails. Besides these amazing characteristics of sloth, there are more thing we don’t know.

Here is some amazing information about the sloth that we shouldn’t miss.

1. Sloths digest their food slow as they move.

Slots live in a forest and love to hang in a tree. This is why their diet consists of leaves from their habitats. But did you know that sloth digestive system digest food so slow? It takes days or even a week to digest their food. One of the reasons why they move slowly because they didn’t get the exact energy they needed. And that is why sloth only defecates and urine once a week or more. They only come down from the trees when they go to the bathroom.

2. Sloths can sleep more than 10 hours a day.

Sloth rarely interact with each other, they rather sleep that to play. Typically wild sloths sleep more than 10 hours a day. For babies sleeping helps them to grow fast because while they sleeping, they release growth hormones in their body. According to research, sloth sleeps like other animals by curling themselves in a ball shape and hanging by their claws in the tree branches.    

3. Algae grow on their fur which makes it green.

What makes sloth into green? Because of algae and fungi. By they’re being slow to move and most of the time is sleeping, this is why algae and fungi have the time to grow inside sloths long hair. Their hair is normally a combination of brown, white and black but sooner it turns green effect. This wild green look color that is like a camouflage helps them to survive in their habitat and not eaten by the predators.

4. Three-toed sloths can turn their heads almost 270 to 360 degrees.

Yes, this Choloepus sloth or commonly called the three-toed sloth has an extra vertebra enable them to turn or rotate their head in 270 to 360 degrees. This helps them to keep an eye to all the predators all the time. Just because of their slowness, they are easily targeted by the predators but their abilities they can survive in their habitat.  

5. Sloths fur may cure cancer and various diseases.

Besides their adorable face, this sloth may be the key to cure cancer and diseases. The chemicals in the sloth’s fur by microbes can be a potential new method for treating or could fight human diseases such as breast cancer. Sloths fur is called by the Scientist as a potential goldmine for drug discovery.

These facts help us to understand and love this god creation. Because of being defenseless creatures, their populations are at risk and struggling for survival. Let’s protect not just our nature but the animals surrounding by it, like sloths that give us joy and soon a big help to mankind.

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