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Do you love smartphone photography? If yes, you can’t resist this phone microscope. Designed to help phone cameras achieve great levels of magnification, this device allows you to take stunning close-up shots. The microscope is powered by an LED light and comes with a detachable clip for hassle-free clipping. This device is compact, powerful, lightweight, and extremely functional. Let’s check out more features of this incredible gadget.

Portable LED UV Light Phone Microscope With Phone Clip

As a smartphone photographer, you need a good magnification tool for your close-up shots. This clip-on phone microscope acts as a magnifying lens for your camera smartphone’s camera and delivers crisp close-up images. 

Take your macro photography to a whole new level with this incredible device. Rendered with a built-in bright white LED, the microscope will illuminate the objects rightly eventually making the pictures vibrant and sharp. The device also has a UV LED to verify watermarks and other such detections.  

Designed to achieve higher levels of magnification, this phone microscope makes close-ups sharp and visually stunning. Its lens is coated optical glass that has 60-100x zoom magnification power so you can get clear detailed shots. The microscope is lightweight and easy to mount on the camera phone with the help of a clip that comes with it. You can use the microscope by attaching it to any phone or solely as a handheld device.

The microscope is powered by AAA batteries. Since it is compact, it can be easily stored in pockets or bags. Use the portable microscope to do macro photography of various specimens and other objects of choice. Something that is suited to almost all smartphone or tablet cameras!


Lens: coated optical glass

Material: ABS

Size: 110 x 65 x 25 mm

Battery: AAA Batteries (3)

Magnification: 60 – 100x


Pros Of Portable LED UV Light Phone Microscope 

  • Offers high levels of magnification.
  • UV light to detect watermarks, etc.
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • For handheld or smartphone use.
  • A LED-lighted mini microscope that fits most smartphone cameras.
  • Smartphone adapter clip for hassle-free clipping.
A close up of a tower

Cons Of Portable LED UV Light Phone Microscope 

  • The microscope may not suit the cameras of some devices.
  • Some photographers may not find the light to be sufficient. 


This phone microscope illuminates background scenery and helps achieve crisp and vibrant close-ups with a smartphone camera. It employs UV as well as LED light sources. The optical lens offers a magnification of up to 100x zoom so it’s easy to get super-sharp detailed images. This microscope is easy to attach to your phone or tablet’s camera with the detachable clip. Since the microscope is convenient, powerful, and compact, it is great for those who love doing macro photography with their smartphones. You can also use this mini microscope to detect currency notes, watermarks, and so on. Overall, the device is great to invest in!

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