The Biggest Animals Ever Killed-Get Ready To Be Amazed By The Wonders

biggest animals ever killed

Humans have been killing animals for the game for the past many years, and they are still doing it. A study published in the Journal section states that humans steadily drove into extension the biggest land creatures such as mammoths, rhinos, and giant bears. And this hunting game played by humans is still sending the biggest land mammals in the endangered zone. According to researchers, there is very little hope left for saving them from extinction.

Blue Whale

Animal on the water

Today Earth is home to the heaviest animal that has ever lived and that creature is the blue whale. It is 30 meters in length and 180 tons in weight. A blue whale’s baby weighs around 3 tons. As far as the records can track no past animal has ever read more than the Blue whale.

Biggest Rack

A lizard on a branch

On November 7, 2016, 27-year-old Tennessee farmer Stephen Tucker killed a white-tailed deer with a 47 point track with his muzzleloader. The deer’s non-typical antlers scored 312 3/8 non-typical Boone and Crockett points, which made it the biggest rack on a whitetail ever killed by a human.

Biggest Black Bear

The biggest black bear ever killed was a 10-year-old male weighing an astonishing 880 lbs. This beer was shot in North Carolina in November 1998.

Largest Land Animal

A 12-ton Bull African elephant was killed by a big game hunter in Angola on November 13, 1955. This elephant was killed by 16 bullets and was 13 foot 2 inch tall. It had 7 feet long tusks.

Heaviest Polar Bear

An 11 foot 1-inch tall polar bear weighing 2210 pounds was shot dead in Alaska in the year 1960. This polar bear is the largest ever documented to date.


The largest land animal by height is the Giraffe. They are 6 meters tall and their necks alone are 2 meters. The gestation period of a giraffe is one year and three months. And the baby is about 2 meters tall at birth.


It is the largest bird by weight and height. They are 2 meters tall and weigh around 160 kg. That is the reason that an ostrich cannot fly, however, they can run at a speed of 69-70 kilometers/hour.

Largest Lizard

The fork-tongued dragon is the largest living lizard. The male komodo measures up to 10 feet long and weighs 200 pounds. Their Female counterparts are a bit smaller than males. They measure 6 feet long. They possess good vision and an excellent sense of smell and are predators.


These are some of the giant land animals. Though the giant dinosaurs tend to grab more attention than their fair share. There have been many other giant animals in the world that we would never get to see.

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