The Biggest Animals On Record – Are They Tamed

biggest animals on record

If you are a zoophile, you probably want to know the answer to this question. Well, you’re not alone. This is a very popular question among people who are into the subject of animal rights. One question that you might ask is why does this matter? Well, here are the reasons why knowing about the biggest animals on record can be very beneficial for you.

An Overview

A group of sheep standing on top of a grass covered field

One reason why knowing about these animals matters is because it tells you the story of how they became this size. For example, hippos reached up to 100 feet in length. There are several species of these giant mammals which live in Africa, the United States and Australia. These include the African Giant tortoise, the Eastern Bluebird and the Red-backed black bear. Now that might sound impressive to you, but what’s even more amazing is the fact that they are all alive today.

In fact, the biggest animals on record were once dead. Check out the statistics on cormorants, passenger pigeons and salmon. All of these creatures died at one time or another due to their natural predators. Did they fight and struggle to the death? No, each died peacefully and painlessly.


A bird flying over the water

There are many other examples as well. Consider dinosaurs. The largest ones were many times smaller than all the other animals on the planet at the same time. Even if they escaped death, they would still rank near the top of the list. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some theories out there that claim these are just examples, but no matter what your beliefs are, they can’t be proven false just yet.

Speaking of theories, the Big Five can be considered one of them. There are five planets in our solar system that had a life before the Earth was created. They also had animals, plants and even fish. The animals on the Big Five list included all the carnivores and all five vertebrates.

The next biggest animals on record are dinosaurs. These are the most amazing prehistoric creatures that have survived to this day. These animals came in all shapes and sizes and were very strong. The most dominant species was a massive carnivore known as Parasaurolophus.


We might not like to think about it, but thanks to nuclear weapons, nuclear fission and other technologies, we could kill off many species of animals on Earth. Today, thanks to biotechnology, we have the ability to kill off cancer cells and the disease ridden tumors that are growing in our bodies. If we don’t do something about this problem, within twenty years or so, we could have an epidemic of killer diseases wiping out more than half of the people on Earth. This could be a horrific thing to contemplate, but is the reality we find ourselves in. The bottom line is that we cannot prevent a pandemic of killer viruses and bacteria, but we can reduce the threat that is posed by the climate change that is warming our world.

While we cannot stop these killer epidemics, we can take steps to reduce their numbers and hopefully keep future ones at bay. Think of the animals on the record that you would like to see gone forever. If you have a message to send to future generations, consider making animal rights your top priority. You will help to preserve the life that you have helped to kill and the joy that all these creatures bring to the world. That should be a goal worth pursuing.

Other Big Animals

Some of the biggest animals on record are frogs, lizards, turtles, tortoises, sharks, and some are dinosaurs. While there is no arguing that animals have an important role to play in the continuity of the planet, it is time to let go of the archaic ideas that justify the use of cruelty against these creatures. Perhaps it has become acceptable to kill millions of birds every year to satisfy our hunger, or the hundreds of millions of elephants killed for their ivory. Perhaps we have come to see these creatures as commodities, used for decorative displays in zoos, rather than as a part of the ecosystem that they exist in.

Let us celebrate the fact that millions of animals exist today in such healthy numbers. We should take care to protect them and make sure that their natural habitats are not destroyed. We should not kill hundreds or thousands of animals every day just for the sake of entertainment. While the big five have made it big, we can do it much better. It is time to put a label on the circus and call it a night for all.

In The End

Let us be better neighbors to the world that we live in. Let us show our love for Mother Nature by honoring the largest animals on record. Let us not destroy what is provided to us by the species that are part of our ecosystem. While we may not be able to bring the world back to the days of the caveman, we can show the world that we have a larger heart for creatures than we thought, and we can feel better about respecting other cultures, other than our own. All this and more are possible if we act now.

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