The Life We Can Give to Companion Animals

animal health products

Animal health products (AHPS) are utilized to help maintain and protect animals with injuries, illnesses and diseases. They consist of vaccines, therapeutic products, antimicrobial drugs, veterinary medicines, pain management and many other animal health products used in the practice of veterinary medicine. In this article, we discuss some of the ways that AHPS benefit animals.

Vaccines have been one of the main tools in providing animals with protection from deadly viruses, bacteria and parasitic infections. Many different vaccines have been produced for a variety of diseases affecting animals. For instance, the Varivax vaccines prevent Porotic Cholesterol syndrome, a life-threatening condition that attacks cattle.

An Overview

Antimicrobial drugs are another important component of animal health products and are frequently used to treat infection and infections. Commonly used antibiotics include cephalexin, doxycycline, minocycline, tetracycline, etc., among others. Some of these medicines are commonly administered to companion animals such as dogs and cats. Another example is the penicillin recommended for dogs that is highly effective against several kinds of parasitic infections.

Veterinary medicines such as antibiotics are important means of preventing diseases and assisting animal health care. However, it has been noted that many of these drugs are potentially toxic when improperly administered. As a result, animal owners are strongly encouraged to only give veterinarian prepared medicines. Likewise, an important feature of preventive care for companion animals is infection control through hygiene and disinfection. The use of specially made antifungal soap and a chlorine-based water supply helps prevent the spread of fungal spores.

Animal Health And Drugs Facts

Complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) for animal health care are gaining popularity as a useful way to complement traditional medicine. Examples of CAM products that are often recommended for pets are herbal remedies and homeopathic teas. The best way to determine the effectiveness of any of these products is to consult with your veterinarian. They can provide you with more information on the types of treatment available and will be able to prescribe the most appropriate one for your pet.

Another area of the animal health industry receiving increased attention is that of viral and parasiticide infections. These parasiticides primarily affect dogs and cats and are usually caused by bacteria transmitted via dogs or cats’ feces. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that every year, about 12 million cats and dogs are diagnosed with different kinds of parasiticides. Of these, about six percent are fatal.

Pet food recalls and the related deaths of beloved pets are becoming increasing causes for concern in both human and animal circles. Manufacturers are under considerable pressure to develop safer products for both humans and animals. In response, a number of manufacturers have introduced “new” types of animal health products that they claim will help prevent ingestion of infected animals. For example, instead of using meat as a primary source of protein in commercially produced dog and cat food, most manufacturers are now offering canned food that contains a variety of meat by-products, vitamins, and minerals.

Bottom Line

As an advocate for companion animals, I am concerned for the lives of all innocent animals who are victims of neglect, starvation, disease, and accidents. No one should have to put their animal friends to sleep simply because they did not have the foresight to invest in the proper animal health products that could help save their lives. Fortunately, there are a number of trusted companies that have developed products specifically designed to help save animals. A good company will use meat as its primary source of protein. Other health products that are used regularly in the companion animal’s world include quality dried egg products, premium quality supplements, and premium quality dog and cat food. By purchasing these high quality products from a reputable company that abides by federal regulations, you can help assure that your animals are getting the best care possible.

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