The Surprising Yet Secret Animal Testing Facts That Will Break Your Heart

animal testing facts

When you ever purchase some commercial or medical products, you might have seen that stamp that claims that this product is not tested on any animal. Animal testing is completely banned in many countries. Animal testing is still practiced in many Asian countries like China, India, Sri Lanka, and even Japan. On the other hand, United Kingdom conducts the least animal testing every year.

There are various mysteries, myths, and facts related to animal facts which everyone should know. Are you interested in knowing some secret animal testing facts? If yes, then here we present some surprising facts that might be shocking for you.

Taxes What You Pay Every Year Also Goes For Animal Testing

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When you go for shopping, you quickly avoid the products that claim that animal testing is done. Unfortunately, whatever taxes are deducted from your hard-earned money directly goes to the animal research centers. In most countries, animal testing is done by burning taxpayers’ pockets, and nobody knows about it.

Yes, none of the governments share how the tax amount is utilized, not even in the newspapers. If you search on the internet and research for hours, you’ll understand what the government does with your tax amount.

Animal research centers use your tax amount for various animal testing practices like smearing tests on animals’ skin, force-feeding, and even curating the lethal doses. In simpler words, companies who claim that animal testing is done are more authentic than the government, which asks for taxes from you.

Many Charities Also Encourage Animal Testing

Surprisingly, many charities are based in the United Kingdom and the United States who support animal testing openly, and even the government is also funding them. If you find about these charities on the internet, many of them are based in the United Kingdom like ‘Against Breast Cancer’ ‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’ and ‘Stand Up To Cancer.’

Apart from these charities, you’ll find many other charities in the UK and USA. In our opinion, animal testing is essential, but the number of animals used in clinical trials is shocking. If you want to know more about this, just check how many animals are used for clinical trials on the internet.

Animal Testing Is Hazardous For Humans

There is a huge difference between the characteristics of both humans and animals. Recently, many studies claimed that Covid-19 could only infect humans, not dogs. It means the diseases and symptoms of both humans and animals.

Now, when you search about animal testing facts, you’ll realize this testing is so inaccurate and baseless, but the results are shocking. With the help of animal testing, many drugs are introduced to us but have killed many people.

Some of these drugs we’re talking about are Theralizumab and Vioxx. Such drugs and similar substances are dangerous for both humans and animals.

Final Words

Hence, now you should stop encouraging animal testing and avoid the products permanently, which are sold after testing on humans. Today, you have the power to save hundreds of animals and make this world a better place to live, even for animals.

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