The Top 10 Biggest Animals On Earth

top 10 biggest animals of all time

You know you’ve got a classic when you see the list of the top 10 biggest animals of all time. This is usually topped by the lion, which is probably one of the most majestic animals that we have on our own planet. Let’s face it; if there were only animals that were majestic there wouldn’t be so many in the animal kingdom. So let’s get down to business and figure out the top 10 biggest animals of all time.


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The dog is probably the most manly animal of them all. There are certain breeds that look more manly than others. There are large muscular dogs and small hound dogs. There are the ones that bark constantly and there are those that don’t.

Then there are the mixed breeds like those with big hot eyes and those with huge feet. We can see how dogs can get confused.


A view of a mountain

Pretty much the same as dogs, although felines don’t seem to have a good reputation for being too affectionate. They are, however, very loyal to their owners. Some cat breeds are even said to be able to sense when their owners are happy or sad.

So if you are having trouble at home dealing with your angry cat, see if you can’t read its body language. If it seems sad or depressed it could be ailing.


If there was one large carnivore on this list it would have to be a lion. Lions are thought to be mostly solitary hunters. And they do hunt other cats sometimes. They are considered to be graceful, and have strong, muscular bodies, just like their namesake.


These aquatic creatures are known not only for their ability to communicate with each other but to take care of themselves. They are among the lowest water animals, which makes them incredibly difficult to attack.

Dolphins are also thought to be linked to human memory. Dolphins have long been used as a method of communication between dolphins and whales.


Another big hitter on this list. If you haven’t heard of polar bears, these are the bears that live in the arctic regions. Polar bears are considered to be the most solitary animals on earth.

These bears have amazing power for a bear – they have been said to be capable of tearing a car apart with just their teeth!


One of the more mysterious creatures in the animal kingdom. All we really know about sharks is that they are incredibly fast, powerful, and vicious. Some people believe that sharks are even capable of speech. Some sharks have the ability to regenerate life – which makes them even more terrifying. However, sharks are pretty easy to scare.

There are many other fascinating species on this list. Some of them are going to be overlooked because they don’t have a lot of research to back up their claims. But don’t let that scare you away. These are some of the biggest animals on the planet, so you should do your own research before heading out for your next trip.


This is an incredible list, and Bill Gates’ inclusion is quite amazing. But, don’t worry. It’s not Bill Gates’ fault. He actually has a whole industry built around his character, which includes stuffed animals. There are many other amazing animals on this list as well.

elephants – Probably the largest animal on this list. Elephants are very intelligent and curious animals. They spend most of their time exploring and looking for food. Some Elephants have been known to be more than one hundred feet long. The elephant is definitely the largest creature on this list.


Did you know that Lions are nocturnal hunters? They have the ability to turn in the most amazing acrobatic displays, and you will have to pay attention if you are ever within fifty yards of a Lion.

These creatures are known for their mane. In fact, Lions are the only animal with a mane that is thicker than their neck.


Birds – It may surprise you that birds make up the top ten. We should not be so surprised. Most people are aware that most bird species can survive in the wild. There are even some that can live indoors. If you have ever wondered what kind of a mess a hummingbird would make when it wants to fly, then you have seen a hummingbird in the wild.

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