The Top 5 Types Of Horses

The Top 5 Types Of Horses

Have you ever heard of different types of a horse? Well, there are different types of horses that distinguish in their breed as they are meant to do different types of jobs. Moreover, have you ever heard about the hot-blooded and cold-blooded horses? Well, there are many types of it. In this blog, you will see how these terms fit into the various group of horses.

However, there are more than 300 breeds of horses in the world that are boiled into these 5 categories.

Draft horses

Gaited Horses


Warm bloods

Light Horses

The Top 5 Types Of Horses
The Top 5 Types Of Horses

Draft Types Of Horse

The Top 5 Types Of Horses
The Top 5 Types Of Horses

The draft horses are bred to pill and carry heavy loads. They are heavy, tall and strong and weighs up to 1600ls. The specialty of this type of horse is that, before the age of machines, these horses have been there to carry armored soldiers to freight hauling. Before the age of machinery, these horses used to carry down the work what heavy haulers and tractors in the pre-modern era. These horses are also well known because of their calm attitude and level headed attitude. The example of draft types of horse are Belgian, Percheron, Shire, Suffolk, and Clydesdales.

Light Type Of Horses

These light horses are completely opposite to those that of the draft house counterparts. The light horses are bred for agility, speed, course riding, and endurance. The light horses are used to ride them from pleasure racing to ride and ranch work.

There are various types of horse breeds that fall into the light horse category. These horses can also vary from weight, height, color and build. Apart from this, one thing is common in them that these horses were bred to be used under saddle. The major examples of these light type horses are rocky mountain horse, quarter horse, polo ponies, Pintos, paints and Morgan’s.

Warm Blood Type Horses

The warm blood type horses are just like their names are.  These horses are created by cross-breeding cold blood draft horse and hot blood draft horse. They are middleweights. This refined breed is considered as one of the best creations. The war blood examples are Holsteiner, Dutch Warmblood, Selle Francaise, Hanoverian, Trakehner.

Pony Type Of Horses

The main definition of the pony horses is that they are measured less than 14 hands. There are more than a hundred breeds of the pony as they are incredibly versatile horses. They are bred to virtually everything that is possible. They are used for harness, pulling, jumping, riding, packing and even for the ranch work. The examples of ponies are Icelandic pony, Welsh Mountain Pony, Hackney Pony, and Shetland pony.

Gaited Types Of Horses

The gaited horses are light horse bred that are used for riding. These horses have attained popularity for their smooth rise. Historically, these horses were also known by the name of ‘Gentleman’s Horse’.  These horses were also used for officers, generals, and for the wealthy men’s to give them a smooth ride. In the modern era, these horses are known for smooth pleasure riding on the trail.

These are the type of horses that are presently used in various kinds of tasks.

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