The Top Ten Biggest Animals That Have Evolved Throughout Time

top ten biggest animals on earth

Many are well known to us in our own cultures and can be found in books, movies, and television programs. Others are quite a bit more exotic and can only be found in aquariums around the world.

One of the more interesting animals on the list is the Great White Shark. The largest predatory fish in the ocean by length, the Great White Shark may well be one of the most intimidating sharks in the ocean. They have long, solid bodies and an overall intimidating appearance. They are a great contrast to the smaller Whitefish. These creatures are very rarely seen, but when they are, they can be spectacular. Because of their appearance, the Great White Shark is the top ten predators in the world.

The Balaou

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Some other fascinating species are the Balaou, the Galapagos penguin, the Orca, the African Grey Parrot, and the Sea Lion. These are all found on the lists of the top ten biggest animals on Earth for a reason. Each one is a unique animal with a spectacular appearance. The Galapagos penguin, for instance, has the highest density of any bird on Earth. They have also earned a lot of notoriety in recent years as one of the few animals capable of flying.

Other animals on the list of the top ten are the stingray, the elephant seal, the blue whale, the sperm whale, and the passenger whale. All of these animals share one thing in common. They are the largest animals alive. Some are so large that humans couldn’t even see them. On a day to day basis, they cause more harm to people and wildlife than any other form of animal.

Able To Cross The Gulf Of Mexico

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What makes these animals special is their ability to take on land and make their way onto land. That is probably an even bigger accomplishment than being the largest animal on Earth. No other animal is able to do this. Just think about it; if there were only one kind of animal that could do that, what would the name be? Would it even be conceivable? Not really.

Of course, there are other animals that do something that is even more incredible than leaping tall buildings to catch fish and pull them into swimming pools. Some of these animals are even able to cross the Gulf of Mexico and sit at the edge of the sea for days. They can even dive to the depths of the ocean to hunt fish. So, how come none of these animals are on this list? It would seem that they are all too big a feat to be considered. Maybe that’s why no one has ever seen them.

In Order From Smallest To Largest

Now, when you put animals in order from smallest to largest, as you have just done for the purposes of argument, you get to the place we call the Top Ten Biggest Animals. But, then, just what is so amazing about these creatures that they are listed here?

Well, consider the power of the bite, the strength of the claw, the endurance of the swim, and of course, the size. If there were only a single animal that could do all of those things and the size of that animal was only a tiny little creature, then we would not have the Top Ten in the first place.


It seems that the only thing that rules out any of these animals from being the biggest animal is their size. We simply cannot have a long arm reaching out and grabbing a shark from the deep sea, could we? In order to make your list of the largest animals, just consider all of the incredible animals that walk on two legs. You will have to go much further than this to make a valid list, but at least you can begin your journey in the right direction. Enjoy your trip to the zoo, and don’t forget to take a picture of all of the amazing animals that are out there!

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