Things That Are Shockingly Made From Global Animal Products

Global Animal Products

Do you use global animal products? Are you one of those who are unaware of the products you are using are hurting animals? It might be very heartbreaking for you to stop using these products, but these endless products are harming your beautiful animals worldwide.

Often, people think that they need to stop wearing, using, or eating some animal products and go fully vegan. However, surprisingly, several foods plus items comprise byproducts that people can’t even imagine.

Moreover, several products are cultivated differently and cause deforestation. In addition to this, many other global animal products directly kill animals and pollute our ecosystem.

So, now have a look at the shocking items that partly uses global animal products.


A lizard on a rock

There’s a chemical you will find in the bladders of fish, which is called Isinglass. So, this Isinglass collects stray yeast cells at the time of the fermenting process. Further, it strengthens these cells into a mass that floats to the barrel’s bottom for removal.

Perfumes Partly Made From Global Animal Products

A factory with smoke coming out of it

Several perfumes are small such as vanilla, containing castoreum ingredients. Moreover, from the castor sacs of beavers, castoreum originates. So, this castoreum is a gland that is positioned based on the animal’s tail and its pelvis.

Moreover, in many items such as non-alcoholic beverages, puddings, gelatins, and frozen dairy products, you can use this ingredient as the byproduct.

Plastic Bags

Several plastic bags, such as shopping bags comprising chemicals that are often called “slip agents.” These sleeping agents originate from harmful stearic acid present in the fat of the animal.

Moreover, these agents significantly block the polymers from gluing to the metals at the manufacturing time and afterward getting adhesive to each other. Also, some bike tires involve such elements.


Often, the refining method for both brown and white sugar makes use of bone char. A bone char refers to a granular material that uses animal uses. And hence, this bone char gives white color to sugar.


The production of condoms has incorporated casein inclusion, which refers to a protein present in animal milk. And further, this casein protein acts as an essential lubricant.

A few brands, such as GLYDE, nevertheless have become vegan.

Nail Polish, Partly Made From Global Animal Products

Different sparkling cosmetic products such as lipstick or nail polish comprise guanine, which is sometimes known as pearl essence.

Moreover, guanine is one of those four DNA and RNA’s elemental components. And surprisingly, the companies obtain this from the scales of a fish.


Often, crayons creation involves the fat of the animals as per the Congressional report in 2004. Also, the prime ingredient in famous crayons is paraffin.

Cake Mixes

Sometimes the mixes of your delicious cakes comprise beef fat as per the book of “Ann Byrn, The Cake Mix Doctor.”

Even many companies even include beef fat in some popular cupcakes.

Orange Juice Made From Global Animals Products

Nowadays, several companies supplement your favorite orange juice with the ingredient Omega-3 fatty acids that you find in fish.

Such ingredients are extensively referred to as the food-derived additives or “nutraceuticals” that enhance consumer health.


Cigarettes comprise hemoglobin, having its origin from the blood of a pig. Moreover, at least once, the pig’s blood was even involved in cigarette filters.

Conclusion On Global Animal Products

These global animal products might have surprised you. So, we hope to look at these global animal products; it’s clear to you what animal products you can buy and what others you should not. If you are an animal lover and don’t want to hurt the animals, you can choose some alternatively friendlier options.

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