4 Most Endangered Animals

A lot of wildlife species became endangered because of illegal poaching and negative changes to their habitats. As humans, it should be our responsibility to protect every species of living organisms on the planet and keep them away on the edge of extinction. This should be stopped right now and show the world that we are worth calling ourselves as humans. There are 4 most endangered animals.

1. Vaquita Porpoise

It is considered to be the rarest aquatic mammal in the planet right now, and the estimated numbers of vaquitas remaining today’s are less than the count of 22 individuals. Since the past few years, their population drastically decreased at a very quick rate.

2. Amur Leopard

The Amur leopard is a very rare leopard subspecies that managed to adopt weather different from the savannas of Africa. Amur leopard can only be found in Eastern Russia right now as they became extinct within Korea and Manchuria. Right now, it is estimated that there are only around 80 more individuals left in the wild. Just like the other animals in the list, illegal poaching and climate change is the main reason why these animals came into the brink of extinction.

3. Giant Panda

Only more than 1,800 giant pandas remained in our planet because of dire human activities. They are very gentle animals known for their very distinctive black and white color, despite their sizes as an adult they are also considered as excellent tree climbers. They are responsible for the natural spreading of seeds across the forest with the bamboos they eat.

Top 4 Most Endangered Animals Of 2019

4. Tiger

Tiger population continued to slide down for the past few years, and they have been placed in the endangered animal’s list for such a long time already. The recent individual count for tigers only exceeded more than 3, 800. They are considered as the apex predator of their habitat, but it was very ironic right now because they are hunted to extinction.

This is the right time to open our eyes and extend our arms to help these animals survive from extinction. Without these animals, our planet will never be the same again. Next generations of humans will not be able to witness these majestic animals. Everyone will miss out seeing such wonderful creations. Let’s do everything we can while we still have time, it will be a shame for the whole of humanity not to do anything when they still can.

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