Top 5 Tiger Facts That You Need to Know

Top 5 Tiger Facts That You Need to Know

Who will not be amazed if someone saw a tiger? A very massive cat who equals the king of the jungle. Panthera Tigris is the scientific name of a tiger, we all know that it was a tiger whenever we see an enormous orange cat with black stripes throughout its body. We also know that the tiger was the biggest cat living in the present. Domestic cats and tigers also have a very identical DNA and they are 95% similar. Here are the top 5 tiger facts that you need to know.

1. Tiger’s Black and White Fur Behind their ear

Not everyone can notice that behind the ears of the tiger, they have white fur surrounded by black fur. Studies suggest that just like their stripes, it is a defense mechanism to avoid enemies who want to attack them from the back. Some researchers also state that it was a guide or a marker for their cubs whenever they travel to avoid them from getting lost.

2. Tigers Are Endangered

Despite being considered as one of the apex predators of the animal kingdom, tigers are now endangered. Based on some scientific calculations it is believed that there are only around 3,000 to roughly 5,000 big cats left. Illegal tiger hunting and loss of habitat are the primary reasons for the sudden decrease in their population. They are hunted for medical purposes especially in Asia, even though it is an illegal act to hunt tigers now for any purposes. The skin and fur are also used to make fur coats which are sold in very expensive amounts.

3. Low Hunting Success Rate

Well, experts believed that in every 10 to 15 attempts of a tiger to hunt a prey there are only 1 that surely succeed. That was a rate of less than 10%.

4. Tiger Stripes

Tigers are known from their famous stripes. These stripes were used for camouflage, both for protection and for hunting purposes. These stripes are also advantageous to the Tigers as most of their preys are ungulates who have some hard time picking up colors that have high contrast. Like human fingerprints, the identity of tigers also lies within their stripes because no 2 tigers have the same pattern. Another thing about their stripes is that their skins also have stripes pattern throughout their whole body.

Top 5 Tiger Facts That You Need to Know
Top 5 Tiger Facts That You Need to Know

5. Tigers are not afraid of water

If a tiger will chase you, you will probably think of diving into bodies of water. To be honest, that’s a bad idea for you. Tigers, unlike other cats, are good swimmers, they can swim up to 6 kilometers. Tigers even stay at streams to cool off their bodies.

Predatory animals like the Tigers have a very important role in the ecosystem. Being on the upper side of the food chain, they need to control prey species to set the balance. Without predators, some other prey won’t be stopped in messing with vegetations which give us clean air to breathe, food and even water. Now that their survival is at risk, the balance of our biodiversity is only in trouble.