Turtle Types: A Peek Into The World We Know So Little About


Turtle species is comprised of over a hundred different varieties. Did you know this? Well, my first introduction to the world of turtles took me by surprise. But, as I came to know more about these amazing and gentle creatures, mostly gentle, I have slowly and irreversibly fallen in love with their kind! So, would you like to meet a few types of turtles? Let’s take you on a short trip.

Turtle Family

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So, let’s see how much you already knew about turtles. We will be taking a look at some of the most popular and remarkable turtles we come across. Let the journey begin!

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Turtle Types: A Peek Into The World We Know So Little About
Turtle Types: A Peek Into The World We Know So Little About

Even though I referred to them as gentle, this one here is one of the fiercest hunting turtles. It is also one of the largest and heaviest ones among all turtles. Do not confuse the alligator snapping turtle with the common snapping turtle though. The latter is much smaller and lighter. If you consider keeping an alligator snapping turtle as a pet, you will need to keep the water sufficiently warm as well as very well lit. You can feed them a range of fishes, worms, shrimps, and even cooked chicken, beef, and fish. You will find various turtle fishes in the market. As a gentle reminder, remember, these turtles have one of the strongest jaws and the bone structure is quite well developed.

Central American Wood Turtle

If you really want one as a pet, this will be a great one. The most preferred one is the ornate wood turtle. They are not just beautiful in term of looks, but they also become really intelligent pets. You can easily find them across western Mexico to Costa Rica. They are often petted for their beautiful and colorful marking.

Painted Turtle

Turtle Types: A Peek Into The World We Know So Little About
Turtle Types: A Peek Into The World We Know So Little About

The painted turtle is among the most common ones across the USA and southern Canada. It is also quite attractive in terms of looks, thanks to the bright colors, and thus preferred as pets by many. They are carnivorous when young but slowly shift to being herbivores as they grow older. So, if you are keeping one as a pet, do check if the food you are giving is suiting it.

Spotted Turtle

The unique spotted look is hard to miss. You can find these turtles across Florida and Maine. They will live for about 25 years, approximately. So, if you are talking in a young one, be prepared to take care for a long time. The feeding should not be a problem as they are omnivores, but the small ones will need more protein, and hence, more insects. This will allow the brain to develop better and faster. They like the warmer climate, as like many others, and you will have to keep the temperature of the water above 22 degrees centigrade at least if you don’t want it to go into hibernation. They are considered endangered in certain parts, so, do take care if you have one.

Turtles Are Not Tortoise

This is one common mistake many makes. Turtles are not a tortoise. The turtles live in water while the tortoise lives on land. There are other physiological differences as well. So, know what you are getting and be sure to ask as many questions as possible.

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