Unusual Animal Products List and Things Made by These

Animal products are those which you can get from any animal body. These animal products are useful for food and many purposes, such as using as components to make different products. But many unusual animal products are used in our daily life. These animal products list helps in your day to day life.

Unusual Animal products that are used in Daily Life

When we hear about animal products, we always think about its meat, or milk, etc. But there are many products which are useful to create many useful day-to-day products. Gelatins, Guanine, Omega 3 fatty acids, etc. are a part of these long animal products list. Also, there are some surprising products that you may not know where these products play an important role to make.

Nail Polish – Contains Animal Products

Nail polish is one of those beauty products that many people, especially women cannot think to live without using it. But while preparing this beauty product, ingredients like guanine, gelatin, milk, honey, beeswax, etc. become important. Even products like nail polish remover and lipsticks also have these kinds of animal products in these.


Perfume is one of those products that you use in everyday life. Perfumes are made of different products. But many perfumes are made of animal body parts. Secretions like bee secretion or mammary secretions and even anal secretions are used to make such products. Animal musk is another ingredient to make perfumes. Even civet, ambergris, honey, or milk plays a part to make perfumes.

Unusual Animal Products List and Things Made by These
Unusual Animal Products List and Things Made by These

Plastic Bags – Animal Products Found in Them

Plastic bags are one of those products that you use in your daily life. It allows you to carry many things from one place to another. When a company produces plastic bags, they use slip agents as one of the main components of the making of plastic. This slip agent is nothing else but a byproduct of stearic acid which is made of animal fat.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the favorite health drinks that vegans have. The juice is usually a vegan product. But some orange juice may have gelatin, carmine, etc. Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the byproducts you can get from the fish. Some orange juice companies use


Bagels are a type of bread where L-cysteine is a primary component. You can find this component in a bird. But synthetic L-cysteine is also available to make bagels. Bagels are a vegan product. But according to your taste buds, you may use any animal products to uplift the taste. While adding extra flavors, you can add honey and other fillings to have a good bite.

Sugar – Using Animal Product while Making

Sugar is one of those products where there is no direct relationship with animal products. But the sugar industry needs bone char to process sugar. These bone chars come from the bones of different cattle animals. These bone chars come from India, Pakistan, and many countries. In many countries, they even filter the sugar with bone char. Though, beet sugar is purely vegan as they do not use any filter while making beet sugar.

Unusual Animal Products List and Things Made by These
Unusual Animal Products List and Things Made by These


Crayons are part of a child’s life. You may know that the main component of the crayon is paraffin. But there are some crayon companies which use animal fat, mainly cow fats in crayons.


Beer is one of the most famous drinks among adults. Barley malt, yeast, and water are the basic components of beer. But sometimes, while people clarify beer, they use gelatins and isinglass in the drink. As gelatins and isinglass are animal products, vegans cannot consume beer.

There are many things which are made of animal products that you may not know of. So, if you are a vegan, you must keep an eye on these things before you use them.

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