What Are Some Fun Facts About Animals?

What Are Some Fun Facts About Animals?

Fun facts about animals has always been an interesting topic for children as they will enjoy knowing about animals in details. Children do take an interest in understanding the crazy, cool, weird, odd, and funny information about animals. One should get all information about land animals, aquatic animals, wild animals, and pets that are living in parts of the country. Children love animals like a dog, cat, dolphins, cats, lions, and many more. Animal’s facts will help the child in learning about animals in details

Interesting Animal Facts

Dogs-  Did you know?

  • A dog drinks water by forming the back for their tongue into a cup to bring a large amount of water into their mouth.
  • The wetness of dog nose is essential for determining the direction a fragrance is coming from.
  • Dogs can dream just like a human being.


  • The roar of a tiger can be heard from a distance over2 km at night.
  • Tigers have antiseptic saliva. They lick their wounds.
  • Tigers of Bengal can eat a maximum of 21 kg meat in one night.
  • Tiger night vision is six times better than human beings.


  • Dolphins are the mammals that spend their lives in the water. They have a high intelligence that they can learn so much about the natural world.
  • Dolphins breathe air just as human beings.
  • It also produces milk for their young ones.


  •  It`s magical to see a cat rotate its ears round about 180 degrees. A group of cat is known as kindle.
  • Cat spends most of their time sleeping.
  •  Cats love to eat sweets.
  • Cats have a sensitive stomach.
  •  It has a compelling night vision.


What Are Some Fun Facts About Animals?
  • A lion never stays alone. It remains in groups of 10 or 15 members.
  • In a day, a lion can eat up to 7kg of meat alone.
  • The average age of a lion is 14 years.
  • Lion runs at breakneck speed almost that of a bike.
  •  Lion hunts large animals like zebra and after killing it rests for a long time.


  • Leopard has a giant skull, robust body and a long tail which provides its the right balance.
  • It can easily climb trees.
  • Leopard is an excellent swimmer and has a good sense of hearing which facilitates detection during the night.
  • Its diet is based on various small and large animals such as monkeys, snakes.

Fun Facts About Animals

What Are Some Fun Facts About Animals?
What Are Some Fun Facts About Animals?
  • Biggest eggs in the world are laid by sharks.
  • Some insects make noise rapidly by moving their wings are bees, mosquitoes, and cicadas.
  • Horses and cows can sleep by standing.
  • The loudest sound is produced by a blue whale.
  • Housefly only lives for 2-3 weeks.
  • Cats check the space, whether it is small or big to fly by using their whiskers.
  • If the eyes of sharks are close, they can see with their eyelids.
  • The hummingbird can move quickly and easily and have a reasonable control on their fly backward.
  • Squirrels use their tails as an umbrella.


Animals are unique in their way. It is interesting to know in detail about them. Kids, as well as elders, enjoy reading unknown facts. Facts about animals are sometimes astonishing and unbelievable too.

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