What Are The Biggest Animals That Ever Lived

biggest animals that ever lived

Well, there are many different factors that come into play when trying to determine the answer to this question. The first and most obvious is how big the animal in question was. The next factors are the environment in which they lived, and their age.

Important Things To Remember

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One of the most important things to remember is that there is no such thing as a “species”. These animals are classified by their characteristics alone. There is no such thing as a “plant” or an “animal” because they do not have individual cells. Instead, they are made up of a network of cells. This network of cells is composed of various components, including proteins, fats, sugars, and DNA.

One of the biggest animals that ever lived on earth would be rodents. Rodents are rodents that have evolved over many years into very large animals. Rodents are the first creatures on earth that used both eyes and had ears, and even tail. These traits have enabled them to live for thousands of years.


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Another member of an extinct group of animals is called Parasites. Some of the first parasites to exist were actually fish, and the parasites had to feed off of the fish’s blood. Other parasites existed along with fish, and these parasites feasted on the blood of smaller animals. Birds are another group of animals that have parasites, as some species of birds have been found to carry around parasites that live in their feathers.

Probably one of the largest animals that ever lived on earth is the dinosaur. The dinosaurs are a group of extinct species that existed in what is now southern Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. The dinosaurs were much larger than other animals at the time of their extinction, which is around 65 million years ago. The most popular dinosaurs in science fiction are the T-Rex and the Pterodactyl.

The Space Ship

One of the largest animals that ever lived on earth is the space ship. The space ships in the movies are constantly being launched and destroyed. These incredible vehicles are capable of speeds well over a hundred miles per hour. Even when they are not launching, they can travel very fast through space. The fastest known space ship is the Enterprise, which is almost four thousand miles in length.

One of the largest animals that ever existed is the planetoid Ganymede. This planetoid is much like our own solar system, except it is much bigger. It has two moons, one called moon’s orbit, and one orbit. It is the only planetoid known to have four objects in its orbit around it. This makes it one of the most massive celestial objects known to our planet.


Perhaps the biggest animals that ever lived on earth are all gone, but not for us. There are plenty of amazing creatures alive today, and that is because they survived through Ice Ages, volcanoes, asteroid collisions, and plagues. It is amazing to think about how many animals we could lose if something like the Ice Age was in place. It’s important to realize that we are actually fortunate to live in a planet that allows for the survival of many different types of animals, and even some plants.

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