What Are the Biggest Sea Animals

biggest sea animals ever

Many people have an inherent love for the oceans and one of the biggest sea creatures is the whale. These are magnificent creatures that can be seen from the great depths of the ocean and many of us have a wish for a sighting one day. Perhaps you have a son, daughters or grandkids who are into this marine life but maybe you would like to see it up close before you get the chance. That is where you will get the opportunity to see the biggest sea animals and take home the pictures to cherish forever.

What has to be seen to love a whale? The gentle hulking form of the whale is not just a sight to behold, it is a mark of great beauty. These massive creatures come in a wide variety of colors and you are almost guaranteed to see at least a few when you go whale watching in the waters of the world. A well-trained marine biologist is a good person to trust when you want to view the whales because he or she will be able to tell you if the whale is sick or injured. They can also spot dead whales and the whale’s killer (pod) that usually catch the killers.

Famous Bottlenose Dolphin

A group of people swimming in the water

Dolphins are cool to watch, fun to touch and they will wave at you. The most famous dolphin known to man is the bottlenose dolphin. At one time they were thought to be extinct, but they were rediscovered in the 1990’s and are now protected. The biggest known whale is the killer whale and has a wingspan of over 9 metres, much larger than the average dolphin.

Probably one of the more popular sea creatures is the great white shark and there are quite a few of these found along the coast of Brazil and northern Argentina. The most famous of these sharks is the Great White Shark, which can grow to lengths of 12 metres and is the largest sea predator in the world. There are several stories of great white shark attacks on ships, so it is certainly a good story to tell when cruising.

Species Of Sea Animals

A turtle swimming under water

There are several smaller species of sea animals such as turtles that are also found in the seas. Turtles can be seen basking in the sun on sand or laying on the beach. They are beautiful to look at and you might even want to pet one. But do not try to feed them if they look defensive, they have sharp teeth. Some sea creatures like oysters can give you fascinating live aquariums.

One of the most mysterious sea animals is the moray eel. It was discovered in the Pacific Ocean in an area where there are giant clams in the water. The moray eel is grey in colour and has a spiny body. It is a very unique animal and not well understood. Some reports say that it is like a small fish but cannot be found at the scientific level.

Exotic Animals

If you are looking for sea animals that are not easily found, I recommend looking in Australia. You can see lots of exotic animals that are restricted to certain parts of the ocean. In fact Australia has one of the largest populations of elephant sharks in the world. These are great big fish that are often quite aggressive.

These are only some of the more common sea creatures. In the past you would have to travel to the centre of the earth to find these animals. Nowadays it is simply a matter of driving up to the coast and checking out the marine park for them.

Final Verdict

One tip to remember is if it is a sandy beach you are going to see most of the marine animals basking in the sun. If it is a rocky shoreline you will see the shy cleaner fish basking in the deep blue sea. The variety and quantity of the creatures available make it one of the must see places in the world.

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