Which Are The Biggest Animals Ever Recorded

biggest animals ever recorded

We all love the big, the loud, and the spectacular; and that is certainly true when it comes to the biggest animals ever recorded. This article will cover three of the biggest animals ever recorded; from dinosaurs to giant squid. The dinosaurs range from Pterodactyl to Sauropodomorph. The largest known dinosaur was the Sauropodomorph weighing in at over one ton! At the time it was discovered, the weight of this dinosaur is considered to be the biggest at the time.

Perhaps the biggest animal ever recorded is the blue whale. Many people have heard of the record breaking whale, but did you know the record for the biggest animal is seven hundred tons? The blue whale is so massive that it would take several hundred years to carry even a portion of its body away! The blue whale is alive today as we speak, and it can be seen off the coast of Alaska. The average size of a blue whale is somewhere around sixteen or seventeen feet long.

List Of Biggest Animals Ever Recorded

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Two Largest Known Dinosaurs

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The next biggest animals on the list are two of the largest known dinosaurs. The dinosaurs that are listed here were most likely not like your average t-Rex. The biggest dinosaur that ever existed was the biggest to be extinct; it was the Stegosaurus. At one point in time, it was estimated that the Stegosaurus may have weighed in at around sixteen or seventeen hundred tons. Now this might not sound like anything huge compared to some of the other things that were largest known, but if you compare the weight of the dinosaur to that of the modern day tiger, you can understand just how big of a deal this was.

African Winged Francolins

The third biggest animal that ever existed was the largest bird ever recorded. That would be the African Winged Francolins. This bird would weigh in at approximately forty and one-hundred pounds. Not only does this featherweight make it the largest bird, but it also makes it the heaviest bird, ever.

Great White Shark

The fourth biggest animal would have to be the largest known whale. The Great White Shark is approximately thirty-nine feet long and weighs around seven hundred and seventy pounds. If you were to measure the whale’s tail, it would be around forty and ten inches.

The fifth biggest animal ever measured by scientists was the dinosaurs. These carnivores measured between twenty-two to twenty-five tons. This would make these dinosaurs some of the same size as the most famous dinosaurs such as the Parasaurolophus and Triceratops.

Twenty-two Foot Sauropodomorph

The next biggest known dinosaur would have to be the eighteen to twenty-two foot Sauropodomorph. This creature was an armless meat eater. Its upper jaws were used to grasp plant-like foods. It also possessed a powerful bite, which would have been strong enough to eat its own tongue! Sauropods were around eight to ten feet long, with a length of up to five feet. They weigh between one and three and a half tons.

Final Thoughts

These are the biggest animals ever recorded. Hope this content will help you know the biggest ones.

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