Which Are The Biggest Animals In The World

biggest animals in the world

We may not realize it, but there are some really big animals out there. Take a look at any national park in the United States and you’ll find several massive creatures. The four-legged friend that jumps onto the campfire is only one of many enormous animals out there. The gray bear is the largest creature on Earth by weight, with the exception of the asteroid. And then there are the elephants, the biggest animals in the world, and the largest birds in the world, the Galapagos finch. We’ll take a look at these giants as well as some other animals that are amazing in size.

Brown Bears Or Giraffe

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Over two hundred million years ago, this species was just a small member of its own genus. In that time, however, it became the most dominant land predator in the planet. It weighs in the range of twenty to seventy pounds and lives from ten to twenty-five years. It has a short, stocky body, long legs, and a very large, bushy tail.

These animals are among the biggest, too. The giraffe is around forty pounds in weight and lives for an average of thirteen years. Their thick fur helps them to keep cool during the hot summer months. And their long ears help them hear well even in extreme temperatures.

African Elephant And Snake

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The most successful animal on earth is the African elephant. It can be found in the rain forests of Zambia and Zimbabwe. These animals are also known as river elephants because they use tusks as bridges to cross rivers. The average length of an African elephant’s trunk is about five meters long.

This is probably the most famous animal on our list, but you wouldn’t guess it. The average snake is between fifteen and twenty feet long. They have hooves, so don’t think you can wrap one up and sling it over the fence. But the biggest animals in the world that snakes can climb are not those snakes they hunt and kill in the wild. Those average snakes weigh only a few hundred pounds. So, when you see a big snake slither up toward you it is because it is carrying food and it is ready to leap away.

Alligator Is One Of The Largest Animals In The World By Body Weight

The alligator may not look threatening, but it can certainly pack a punch. The alligator is one of the largest animals in the world by body weight. They usually weigh in excess of a ton. Their jaws are powerful enough to crack trees. And alligators have powerful bite force to help them catch prey like fish.

Alligators may not be the most favorite cartoon character or the top ten biggest animals in the world, but they do have one thing that all animals do, teeth. White rhinoceros have over forty thousand teeth and are the most formidable predator in the animal kingdom. The top ten animals in the world that have teeth are the Alligator, snake, shark, walrus, hippo and sousaphone marine reptile. If you put those animals next to each other they would be the largest animals in the animal kingdom.

Final Words

Eel – The eel is a fascinating creature to study. They are among the biggest animals in the world because of their girth. The average eel weighs in excess of three tons and they can grow to be well over six feet long. Only the largest known fish, the Great White Shark is larger. The eel is probably the ugliest animal in the ocean, but it has evolved to fit into the marine ecosystem. This means that if you want to learn about the biggest animals in the world and have a lot of fun doing it, you might like to keep a look out for the great white shark.

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